Interesting piece, but I'm not sure the data you point to supports your conclusion.

>Roughly 68% of young women feel that society is biased towards men, while only 37% of men feel that way

Now that's a huge gap there, isn't it? Much wider than the 79/69 overall. Even with less definitive trends in other, less relevant questions, if anything that points to the same trend you see overseas being a thing in Japan too, I'd say.

Now I was curious so I tried looking for more directly relevant data (actual political leaning, not views on the gender gap). Data seems sparse out there even in Japanese language sources - so many damn powerpoints about getting the young to vote, so few about what they actually care about and how they do vote! I still did find this: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/expert/articles/2d0fb9d46411e5eeb0d1d31d13ea7a60f3281e27

There's a badly sourced 2019 NHK opinion poll down there of under 30s, saying which party they find themselves most aligned with. With LDP and Ishin on the right, Komeito in the center, and the rest on the left, that gives: men at 50% right 35% left, and women at 31% right and 42% left (lots of Komeito support there for some reason). That seems like a pretty significant gap. Now obviously it's one data point without a trend line, so it may not say much either, but it certainly doesn't point towards Japan being the exception against the worldwide trend here.

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